Updated: April 1st, 2003
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ATTENTION: I have made the decision to move CMC away from Tripod and onto my personal web server. http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc is the new address. These Tripod pages will remain in place, but will no longer be updated. If you came across these pages on a search engine, please click through to the new site. Thank you.


The Complete MOD Compo!
Hosted by Vince "Novus" Young

CMC is a monthly music competition for trackers. Here's the concept: every month, I listen to all the tracker songs that have been entered into CMC, pick out the top 6, and put 'em up for you to vote on. This ensures that you always have quality songs to listen to and vote on, but still gives you the chance to make your voice heard!

Thanks for making CMC the longest-running compo on the web today! Your downloads, votes and song entries are greatly appreciated.