Updated: April 1st, 2003
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ATTENTION: I have made the decision to move CMC away from Tripod and onto my personal web server. http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc is the new address. These Tripod pages will remain in place, but will no longer be updated. If you came across these pages on a search engine, please click through to the new site. Thank you.



Okay, first of all: The Complete MOD Compo has one main goal that takes precedence over everything else: get as many people as possible to visit this website on a regular basis. Without repeat visitors, everything about CMC becomes pointless, not to mention that if there are no repeat visitors, that means very few people are downloading your songs from here.

I wanted to start off this way because the rest of this little "speech" could come across as arrogant or even hostile if you don't keep that main goal in mind. My intention is not to be arrogant or hostile; it's to be honest.

Think of The Complete MOD Compo as a hybrid of judged and public-vote compos, bringing you the best of both worlds. When you vote in CMC, you only have to download six, count 'em, 6 songs, and they're gonna be good ones. That's because I pre-screen all of the entries and pick out what I feel are the best six each month.

Yeah, that's right... sometimes I reject songs from CMC. See, in running this website, my main responsibility is to the LISTENERS, not to the contestants.

Let's face it: when you run a public-voting compo, finding contestants is easy. Finding voters is the hard part. I know this from experience, from the first short-lived incarnation of CMC back in 1998. When someone takes the time to download, listen to, and vote on CMC's entries, I want to make sure they don't regret it, and that they walk away with some great new music for their collection.

I don't want to discourage anyone from entering. I'm not going to be hostile or rude to you if your song doesn't make the cut, and hell, I might even hold your song over until the next month if you just got crowded out by too many other good songs. Just keep in mind that, to put it bluntly, my mission is not to feed your ego as a musician. It's to provide some jaw-droppingly good music for CMC's visitors to download. If the listeners don't have a good reason to visit this website to begin with, then nobody's going to hear your song anyway, good or bad.

I'm being honest with you on this because I don't like excluding people, but I've tried the all-inclusive approach with a compo before, as have many other people. Sorry, but it doesn't work. Maybe this will. And that's the bottom line.

So, ready to check out this month's tunes and cast your vote? I thought so. Just hit the Vote page, and everything's ready and waiting for you right there. If you want to enter a song, keep in mind that you'll have to vote on this month's songs in order to enter your song for next month. There's a few other simple Rules as well, but they're just basic common sense stuff.

If you've actually gotten all the way down here, thanks for reading this. If you like my approach, or if you want to tell me I'm full of it, fire away! Send all comments, questions, marriage proposals, flames, spam, and death threats to vince_young@hotmail.com, and I will do my best to respond appropriately.