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ATTENTION: I have made the decision to move CMC away from Tripod and onto my personal web server. http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc is the new address. These Tripod pages will remain in place, but will no longer be updated. If you came across these pages on a search engine, please click through to the new site. Thank you.



So, you want the fame and fortune that comes from winning a compo, eh? Well, first ya gotta know the rules!

RULE #1: All entries must be tracked. That includes XM, IT, S3M or MOD. That does not include MP3s. I'm a purist. Sue me.

RULE #2: One entry per person per month. Pretty simple, actually.

RULE #3: No remixes of commercial songs. Unless, of course, you're willing to pay for all of my legal fees when the RIAA sues me...

RULE #4: Not all entries will actually compete. I pre-screen all entries, and only the six best songs from each month's batch of entries will actually be put up for a vote. Yes, I do have valid reasons for this, and if you're curious as to what they are, click here to read CMC's Philosophy.

RULE #5: To enter next month's compo, you must vote in this month's compo. The original CMC died off because everyone wanted to enter their songs, but nobody wanted to vote. I'm not letting that happen again. But hey, at least you only have to download six songs. Give a little, get a little. :)

RULE #6: There is no Rule #6! There's no file size limit, no sample packs, and no style or genre restrictions. I figure if I'm going to make you vote before you can enter a song, I should get rid of any other silly rules.

Ready to enter your song for the compo? You'll find download links for all of this month's entries, this month's ballot, and the entry form for your song all on the Vote page.