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ATTENTION: I have made the decision to move CMC away from Tripod and onto my personal web server. http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc is the new address. These Tripod pages will remain in place, but will no longer be updated. If you came across these pages on a search engine, please click through to the new site. Thank you.



Want your website listed here? Just set up a link to The Complete MOD Compo at http://www.novusmusic.org/cmc, and then send me an e-mail at vince_young@hotmail.com. Feel free to use the link button shown here.

The Novus Revolution
My personal website, in case you couldn't tell. ;) Click. Read. Think. My rants on the state of the tracking scene just might make you change the way you participate in it. There's also the Music Vault with great music from numerous trackers, the University with tracking tips, and the Studio with my own music.

No Error
News and updates from around the tracking scene, and an important supporter of my work on the Web.

Orange Juice
News and updates from around the demo scene, as well as the host of the the Nectarine tracker music audio stream.

MODPlug Central
Over time, Mister-X has transformed his site from a simple download page for his MODPlug software to a full-fledged tracking community, complete with message boards, tracking news updates, and excellent music downloads.

The MOD Archive
The premeire tracking archive, with thousands of songs and a good selection of message boards.

United Trackers
Includes several useful message boards, numerous articles on improving your tracking, and a searchable index of members that you can use to search for, say, composers of your favorite style of music, or from a certain place.

Maz's Sound Tools
Maz's legendary resource for downloading all sorts of tracking and sampling software.

An intriguing new tracking archive.

The home of Coplan's monthly Static Line tracking newsletter, and more.

Scene Satellite Network
News you can use from around the tracking scene.

Renoise Tracker
If it can live up to its hype, this tracker could very well be the first widely-accepted Windows-based tracker. It might even convert me away from Impulse Tracker...

Yomi Records
The group of CMC veterans Benefit of the Boomerang and Samplemaster.

Off Limits
The tracking duo of Oddy and Fedda, CMC supporters extraordinaire.

The website of CMC-contestant Cooth and his monthly TrackCompo.

Genetic Gemini's World Headquarters
Home of the Genetic Gemini Compo.

Gargoyle's TuneStore
Gargoyle's tracked music, plus the Tracking Tips Mish-Mash.

Tribal Zone Music
A newly re-united tracking group.

TymPanic Productions
The tracking group of CMC's own Paavo Pessi and Dan Nyman.

The home of the tracker Milan "Acumen" Kolarovic.

Flowhertz Records
The home of four trance trackers, their music, and their trance compo.

Creadream Sound Studio
Home of the CSS Seasonal MOD Compo.

Vortex Tracking Squad
A group of four trance trackers, and the hosts of 2001's Vortex Trance Compo.